Voice over/Dubbing/Audio

Animated movies:

– Sofia den första (Sofia the first), Pernilla Pilbåge (Carol of the arrow), 2015

Tomtar & Troll (Gnomes & Trolls), Alley the Crow, 2008


Audiobook reader:

2016: Many books, now almost 70 books as an audiobook reader

2015: Champagneflickan (The Champagne girl) by Caroline L Jensen, Storyside

2015: Väninnan, Storlek 37 och OSA av Denise Rudberg, Lind & Co

2015: Ole dole (Eeny Meeny) by M.J. Arlidge, Lind & Co

2015: Crossfire-series by Sylvia Day, Storyside

2015: Lykke by Mikaela Bley, Lind & Co

2015: Ensamfjäril (Lonely butterfly) by Gabriella Ullberg Westin, Storyside

2015: Harlequin (6 books) by Carole Mortimer, Jennifer Lewis and Nora Roberts, Storyside

2015: Dödlig Åtrå (Deadly Desire) by Susanne Ahlenius, Hör Opp

2015: Hemlig Längtan by Harlequin, Storyside

2015: Oanad sanning by Harlequin, Storyside

2014: Allegiant by Veronica Roth, Storyside

Nominated for best audio book reader for the book Allegiant at “Stora Ljudbokspriset 2014“. Under the categorie Barn & Ungdom.

Stora Ljudbokspriset 2014

Stora Ljudbokspriset 2014

2014: Einsteins arvingar by L.P. Ramberg, Storyside

2014: Rövardotter by Jackie Ferm and Ola Brising, Storyside

2014: Puma Swede: Mitt liv som porrstjärna by Puma Swede and Jan Ekholm, Storyside

2014: Fällan (The trap) by Unni Drougge, Storyside

2012: Alltid Du (Always you) by Pernilla Alm, Din röst


TV Commercials – Voice Over:

– Garnier

– Shake My World
– GB Glass (English)

– Coca-Cola Light Plus

– Läkerol “Strawberry Licorice”