About Callin

Callin Öhrvall Delmar was born to Swedish parents in Bogotá, Colombia where she lived the first seven years of her life. She then lived for eight years in Madrid, Spain after which, at age 15, she and her family moved to Sweden. She has lived abroad in a total of 19 years (also in the USA, France, Ireland and Denmark). From a young age she had a keen interest in acting, dancing and singing and performed regularly in school productions and at other events. Having travelled extensively she developed her interest in these areas with influences from different cultures and languages. Dances like Salsa, Merengue, Sevillanas and Tanguillo have been a big part of Callin’s life when growing up.

She studied acting in Stockholm and in New York where she further developed her performance techniques and got plenty of stage and camera practice. She has since then had parts in films, TV-series, short films and commercials and has one of the leading parts in Jan Troell´s movie “Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick” (Everlasting Moments).
She is now recording Audio Books for Storytel.se and soon her band Phileas’s, in which she’s the singer, new EP-record will come out.
Her goals are to continue working as an actress in films, television, theatre/musical and recording more audio books. She also wants to work as an actress abroad as she would love to act more in Spanish and English.

She was nominated for best Swedish audio book reader at “Stora Ljudbokspriset” 2015, for the book Allegiant by Veronica Roth (Storytel.se).                                                                              

Acting age range: 20-35

Appearance: Dark blonde, blue eyes, freckles, size 36-38 (S), shoes 37-38, height 1.65 cm

Fluent languages: Swedish, English, Spanish

AGENT: Actors in Sweden, Bo Thulin, bo@actorsinsweden.com



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